Method Jam

Method Jam #4

How to Product Better

How can you make a great product? What are the hurdles to clear, missteps to avoid and milestones to celebrate?

July 16 2015

Hosted by Boltmade


Discussion Leaders TBA
Product people from that company you love

Method Jam #3

How to Value Design Thinking

Beyond the output of code and the pixels, design thinking plays a huge role in understanding your customers and shaping the product. How do you communicate that value to stakeholders internally or on the client side?

December 9 2014

Hosted by Heist


Travis Hines

Huda Idrees

Method Jam #2

Design is a Tool

Groups at this Jam talked about Moving Design Up the Ladder, how Engineers can Design Better Products & Services, how to successfully Build Team Nirvana, and the best way to Shift your Client's Mindset.

September 12 2014

Hosted by Boltmade


Method Jam #1

People & Process

Tackling big questions - how do designers create value? What are the benefits and pitfalls of coworking with your clients? And how can you expose companies to the lean process?

July 23 2014

Hosted by Heist